Robert works closely with the party planner to ensure that the party flows smoothly and is tailored to the guest of honor's interests.

His years of experience and training in magic, communication, and psychology shine through to create a seamless flow of entertainment.

Each interactive show shares the spotlight with assisting children. The magic happens right in their hands!

Some of Robert's most popular balloon creations:
Alligator, Angel, Basketball Hoop, Bow and Arrow, Butterfly, Car, Caterpillar, Chief Wahoo, Cow, Crab, Crown, Dinosaur, Dog, Dolphin, Dove, Dragonfly, Duck, Elephant, Elmo, Fish, Flower, Football Helmet, Frog, Ghost, Giraffe, Grasshopper, Guitar, Hat, Heart, Helicopter, hippo, Horse, Jet, Ladybug, Laser-Rifle, Lion, Lizard, Llama Hat, Lobster, Martian, Yogurt-Head, Mermaid, Monkey, Motorcycle, Mouse, Ninja, Octopus, Orca, Ostrich, Parrot, Pacifier, Pikachu, Pengui, Pig, Polar Bear, Poodle, Princess, Rabbit, Rainbow, Reindeer, Rocking Horse, Rose, Sea Turtle, Santa Hat, Shamrock, Snake, Snowman, Spider, Swan, Sword, Teddy Bear, Tiara, Tiger, Vampire Bat, Viking Hat, Volleyball, Wrist Corsage, Wreath